Day two - Tag zwei

Kilkenny also. Eine Partystadt, wie uns die drei Irinnen gestern sagten. Nur auf zwei Bie gestern noch raus und nun in unserem stickigen Zimmer, ich schon geduscht, die andern teilweise noch schlafend. Ich denke, dass das sehr gut wird, was wir hier machen. Ein Abenteuer beinahe.
Und hier in den Aufzeichnungen wieder Deutsch? Ich weiß auch nicht wie es kommt, aber es wird ab jetzt immer die Sprache des ersten Gedankens genommen. Soweit das möglich ist. Und morgens ist all mein Sein doch sehr deutsch.
Uns erwartet ein Tag in Kilkenny, die Fahrt nach Cork und vermutlich noch mehr Abenteuer.

And suddenly there's something hurting in your chest and you pray it's not your heart. Because it shouldn't hurt, not like this. There's something far too close.

It feels like today has been lasting weeks and weeks. First we've been around Kilkenny, looking at the chapel and the castle, walking barefoot through the park, just enjoying the sund while Laura was in the castle. After a short trip to SPAR we cooked lunch (a.k.a. Spaghetti+Sauce) in our hostel and then proceeded to drive to Cashel to look at Cashel Rock there. We didn't manage to get out of Kilkenny without getting lost, but eventually we arrived at Cashel and had a guided tour through the castle. The weather was still perfect and when I strolled through the city with Vera and Laura afterwards we even bought some ice cream to make the summer feeling complete.
In the way from Cashel to Cork it became excruciatingly clear that the atmosphere in the respective cars was very different. While Vera, Tiia, Veera and me tried to work as a team and keep the peace - always encouragin, calm and supportive-, Laura felt really stressed by Chris and Viljo, to the point where Laura was really pissed off when we arrived in Cork. So we will switch tomorrow, so that I'm in the car with Laura and Chris and Vera will drive the Finnish car.
Cork has that trademark port-city feeling without lacking the Irish flair. But if anybody says anything again about the Irish being bankrupt - I don't see how?! Everything is so fecking expensive! In comparison Wales seems cheap!
Anyway. Apart from the physical movement, I still try to come to terms with my emotional journey. Not that I can see any change yet. Or feel. If anything things are going downhill. I think I never had that big a crush on someone I know so little about. So I'm telling myself - it can't be my heart, that fluttery lightness in my chest that's almost painful. It can't be my heart. It cannot.

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