Day eight

"What I really wanted to say, love, is that I am happy. Too happy to not seek art as another name-giving process."

Yesterday in the museum of modern art and later walking through the sun I was euphoric. As if I was anticipating a date that I had in the evening, as if everything had in an instant become more meaningful, as if I was changed and the world through me.
When noon came, a word started resounding in my head so loudly, it was difficult to hear anything else. - People are taken by other things, responsibilities, life plans, passions and I have just met what destiny held in store, or I overestimated how much travelling can affect you.
I met destiny. It' this. It's you. It's me in this very moment. And it will pass me by.

Still Dublin, still like this. Like what? The voice on the other end of the line asks "Oh no, you're not in love again, are you?!", and I smile and shrug and wonder what's wrong with that, but then I shake my head - maybe I'm not. Maybe other people feel like that too. Maybe you can feel as if your chest is bursting with happiness, as if you might have to cry, because you've just seen the sheer beauty of this world, as if time holds its breath for a never ending moment - maybe you can feel like this without it being love. I don't care. I leave the worrying to the voice on the phone. I let the choir in my head sind "straight straight straight" and dance to it. This is the life. You can be your overly concerned self, but don't expect me to be the same. It's absolutely worth it.

I don't have words for it
I shake my hands in joy
and throw my head back

you might have to close your eyes



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