Day fourteen

When I left Bangor my heart was beating fast, much too fast for someone so arbitrary, pointed out by a friend who looks through different eyes. Now I'm on the brink of going back to Bangor and my heart is still beating much too fast. Only I find the reason of this up-beat is not so arbitrary anymore. I shrug my shoulders - this journey took me home. Though I still don't know where that might be. My heart is beating for it. Faster than it should.
Don't worry, don't stew - worlds break apart while I'm here, we've trusted the bad guys again - but this is the life. I'm up for it. It will take my breath and tear me down. It has taken my breath already. So I open my arms wide, for this, my love, is ours.

The last full day in Edinburgh was pretty relaxed. First we put our luggage into lockers, because we moved from one room to another and then Chris, Viljo, Julian and I went to the Writers Museum - which is a quite impressive collection of memorabilia - a bit macabre perhaps but still impressive. Then we set of for the National Museum and popped into the Elephant house on the way for a coffee in the much hyped cafe, where J.K. Rowling is supposed to have drafted the Harry Potter series. The cafe is nice but most of the time crowded with tourists. Though the view of the castle is great. After that we had a look at some pretty scary pre-historic animals, bronze bracelets, really old leather shoes and what else there was on Scottish history.
Back in the hostel we had lunch and moved into our new room, which was quiet small in comparison to all the other rooms on our trip. And because there are so many shops in Edinburgh selling absolutely useless but really pretty stuff, Veera and I ventured to spend some money there. Though we didn't really in the end. But it was fun going there anyway.
At 7 we all met on the Grassmarket for the free Ghost tout, which was fun but not wuite as good as the free city tour. And becaue it was our last evening we decided to have dinner in The Tass on the Royal Mile before entertaining the whole street while stroling up the Royal Mile looking for a pub. When we finally found one that was not too crowded I hardly managed to drink 2 pints of Caledonian before it closed - I'm still amazed that the pubs close so early here - it is unreal! So Unreal!

Finally on the train to a place that might be called home.
Today we ate a deep fried Mars bar - which is an absolutely genius concept! And I highly recommend it to everybody. We also tried to walk up to Arthur's Seat - but due to the fog we didn't go all the way to the summit. Fog? Yeah, on our last day we had actually a little glimpse of what Scottish weather is supposed to be like. So we really got the feeling of being in Scotland. But now as we're sitting in the train the sun is up and shining again. We've really been blessed. Not only with the weather, but also with the hostels, the traffic, the cars, the people we've met - and with each other.
I have to admit I was a bit afraid that there would be some kind of fight along the way. But there wasn't. Only mocking, fun and good humour. We've made it happen. And now off to Bangor, where the clock ticks on and the end of the semester is approaching fast. It's really unbelievable! I can't imagine that the Erasmus group will break up in a few weeks, that in fact the first people will be leaving in May already. Because most of them I hold dear. Another journey almost completed.

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