Day three

Ending on a slightly dakr note last night, today seems to be as bright as ever. I can't really believe that I'm in Ireland right now and that I will be in Scotland next week. It seems that while some things are incredibly close, others never really reach me.
Ireland feels a little bit like home, but that might be because I' with the same people all the time. Which is still comfortable and not suffocating. Being around other people constantly somehow means that I don't have to think everything through. So I trade brooding for reading the map and hope it's the sensible thing to do.

Apart from travelling in itself being a thing of wonder, spring is finally working its full magic. 'Til Kristin, Julia and Stephan visited last week I didn't really pay any attention to how different the flora is here compared to Germany. But now every blossom in the trees, every newly disco vered flower gives proof of their observation. The absence of harsh winters allows huge rosebushes, palmtrees and other things I don't even know the names of to grow. It's nice how sometimes the salty breeze and sweet flowery scents mingle. And it reminds me of how Wales doesn't feel like I thought it would most of the time. Not that you can really anticipate that. I know. I'm still on the case of living the dream...

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