Day seven

Still Dublin. It's weird in a way that we din't pack our bags every morning to head off to a new city. But it's good as well. Good to sleep at least a bit.
esterday we went for the hop-on hop-off bus tour to get the big picture of what Dublin is like, while freezing our socks off in the topless bus. To warm up again we had lunch in the Temple Bar area, all the time grading the attreactiveness of the passers by. - Let's just say, that despite the fact that the people here seem to be prettier than in Bangor, there's still room for improvement ;).
While the others fell into the abyss of a shopping spree in the afternoon, I tried to get some much needed sleep in the hostel. Without success. But because sleep deprivation takes its toll gradually, the 2 hours rest helped lots anyway.
The shopping of the others was a mission with mixed results as well - while Laura came back with half a wardrobe, Vera and Tiian didn't find anything.

The question for the evening was: To pub crawl or not to pub crawl? While Jill, her friend and Viljo decided to get pissed the cheap way and join the pub crawling group of the hostel, the rest of ust chopped vegetables, paicked over lost keys (which weren't lost), showered, opened wine bottles and beer cans and ultimately had a great dinner. Dinner conversation was surrealistically heavy alternating between sex and death.
Dishes off into the dishwasher and wee off to the gay bar, gay bar! Though finding one proved to be not as easy as expected. Finally we ended up in the Pantybar for one drink, watching and discussingdragqueens before the bar closed. Next stop was the Temple Bar, where we pushed our way through the crowd so we could see the stage. Unfortunately it was too crowded to really dance there, because the live music was really good. The Temple Bar area reminds me of the area around the Thomaskirche in Leipzig - tourists galore and lots of live music. Though they still could learn something about reasonably pricing drinks here...

On the way home we've been intimidated by ne of the more drunk women, who in the end threatened to slap Laura. This reminded me so much of my Amsterdam trip that I automatically started looking for coffee shops and red light districts. To no avail though. Dublin's still Dublin. As if to further stress this, we meet Viljo on the way home. A very pissed Viljo. How he even managed to cross the street without being run over evades me. We made him walk home with us, in case he'd try his luck with crossing streets again.

"...but it may be pills at work" - Goldfrapp
I feel drugged the way this world seems to spin a little faster now...

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