Day four

"Change your heart -
look around you,
change your heart -
it will astound you"

Somehow Bec is the background music of the Irish morning programme on the TV screen in the dining area in Killarney. This simple coincidence seems to question if last night's sleeplessness really was the result of the obnoxiously loud snoring. I don't exaggerate when I say obnoxiously loud! That definitely taught me to bring my earplugs next time I sleep in a hostel...

Still I cannot really complain. Too lovely is the weather, too well are we all getting along.
When we arrived in Killarney yesterday we went to the lake right away. It proved to be a stunning sight, especially with the two rainbows that followed the April shower we walked through.
The destination for today is Galway. Maybe we'll take Jamie with us, who is from New York and quite the spontaneous traveller it seems.

I know for a while now that life is this: An adventurous journey undertaken separately... or was that love?

"There's nowhere I'd rather be..." I don't even have to spell out where that is - every place O go, I'm there.

Today might be the most stressful, but also breathtaking in a good way. We drove along the ring of Dingle stopping hereand there to admire the landscape, take pictures and walk barefoot in the sea. Now we're on the ferry in Tarbert - this proves to be a real road trip complete with searching radio stations, eating at McDonald's, taking small winding roads, getting lost in Tralee... Now off to Cliffs of Moher and then Galways. It's one of these journeys that leave you changed.

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