Day nine

"Geh, wenn du kannst, wenn du willst - ich will es auch..." - Clickclickdecker

I am sitting on my bed in Glasgow, the sun draws patterns on my feet and my hands are reaching out for Dublin. Or not for Dublin - for Ireland. Or maybe not even that...

The bus to Dublin Airport was our last way together, Laura got off somewhere in the city and after we juggled with the check-in some time, we left Vera in terminal 2 waiting for her flight to London. The flight to Glasgow was astonishingly short and the UK prices on cigarettes led us to believe it might be paradise we're headed to ;). Not so much though. While the hostel is an okay place to stay in, it is the worst on our trip so far: big, anonymous, maybe with something I would call the Glasgow charm.

The city itself still awaits us as we were really exhausted last night and only went for one beer at Wetherspoons.
To venture on without Laura and Vera feels decidedly strange - I always count people and feel there's someone missing...

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