Day six

Four hours 'til breakfast. The dryer in this hostel is crap. There's no other way to put it. Not that I really mind spending the night awake, we'll just see how long I can go without sleep...
First evening in Dublin was fab. First Irish Stew for free dinner, where we finally met Jill, Sandra and Julian. Then we put the clothes in the dryer, went to a pub in the Temple Bar area and were the only ones dancing to the great live music. After we dances into Vera's birthday and stole a martini glass, Veera, Chris and Julian went home, while Vera, Laura, Viljo, Tiia and I wanted to go to another pub/club. We ended up dancing and singing in Dublin's streets without ever making it into another bar. - An evening to be stowed away for bad times, to be drawn on later, when youth has left us.

When we got home our clothes were out of the dryer. And still wet. Which is basically why I am sitting here at 4 am waiting for the third dryer cycle to finish and hoping the clothes will be dry at some point.


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