Day five

"Damals malte ich Birken
beeindruckt -
ich hab sie angefasst..." - Go Plus

It's like that now. Naturalism.

We made it to Galway in the end. But not before we crossed the line at Cliffs of Moher. Everybody does it really. And now we know why: the pictures are just so much better! With a slightly ragged breath.

Today's drive? Great! We didn't get lost in Galway, had Lunch in Mullingar and the somewhere on the N4 we left the rain behind us, topping it all of with arriving in sunny Dublin and finding the hostel and Sixt right away. And now? Now I love them all. Not that I didn't before. But now... it wasn't exactly an odyssey, it was one of these things that you can't do together without bonding or breaking. And I'm on the bonding side.
Jill is somewhere in the city already, being posh and doing something like a spa day.

Galway left me with "The Book of Longing" by Leonard Cohen. A first leafing through tells mee that these texts will come to me much later. They will come. And I will be awaiting them.


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