Day twelve

"And there's gold falling from the ceiling of this world,
falling from the heartbeat of this girl [...]
falling from the people that we hurt,
falling from the love we never earned,
falling from the sky that should have burned,
falling from my heart..." - 'And the boys', Angus & Julia Stone

The concert was so much summer - it hurt. It began with Veera and me standing in the queue listening to the people behind us - Erasmus students - a boy from France and a girl from Berlin. I joked that it can't be that hard to find someone from Finland in the queue as well, when the other girl behind us said that she will go back to Finland in May for a job interview - oh irony!
When we finally got in we directly headed for the merch corner, where I bought an EP of the opening act before even hearing him play. He was good though and I'm looking forward to listen to him sime more. The set up between Steve Smyth and Angus & Julia Stone seemed to take forever and at one point I thought that all this - the night bus, the aching feet, the stuffy heat - is too much and the concert probably won't be worth it... But then they finnaly entered the stage and after a few chords it became apparent: totally worth it.
The stage set up, the story telling, the interaction with the audience gave the concert a quite intimate atmosphere. I would've liked to stay forever (and I so want to see them again), but we had a bus to catch and so we made our way to the station smiling from ear to ear. And then finally on the way to Edinburgh; via WiFi online only to post on facebook to let Susi know what greatness I just witnessed. And the rest of the journey spent half-conscious, 'til the phone rang and Vera made it clear that my birthday was somehow not impossible to figure out... What was odd was that this call was held in German and I had been hearing German all day. I heard it in the Glaswegian accent, I heard it in the Spanish in the breakfast room, I heard it in the French on George Square - but it was never there. Maybe I feel homesick for a language I speak on an almost daily basis... how strange!

Once in Edinburgh the next challenge was to find the hostel. A not quite so easy task but in the end Viljo fetched us and brought us there. I was a puddle of tiredness and only wanted to go to bed, but not without telling the others about the concert first and they were in the common room. With a cake. And candles. And sparkling wine. There goes another year unchecked for not celebrating my birthday. It was great of them though. They even managed to find decent cake. Which can be a real drag. the rest is a bit blurry because of the tiredness.

Today Edinburgh. After breakfast we set out for the free city tour which took 3 1/2 hours. We should have done one of these tours in Dublin as well - that would have been better than the hop on- hop off bus tour.
Edinburgh is totally different from Glasgow - older, prettier, more likeable in a way. I am glad we've seen Glasgow though - so we've covered a wider range of what Scotland is like.
After the city tour and lunch I stumbled through some shops with Veera and Tiia and I ended up with three CDs. That leaves me with 6 CDs on this trip. Not a bad result even for me. I think I'll follow these daily reports up with a short review for every Cd when back at home. We'll see.

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