Day ten

We are spoilt. Our trip has been a succession of sunny days on the whole only intermitted by very few short showers. Glasgow is no exception from this. I really start to believe that the talk about rainy Britain is a product of sheer exaggeration.
Yesterday we went to see the botanic garden in the People's Palace and the Doulton Fountain, complete with bench hopping, ice cream and cake. While we were at this really exhausting task, Jill and Veera went for a run. Tiia, Viljo, Chris and I just wandered around the city, browsing comic books at shabby flee markets and enjoying the Glaswegian architecture which I absolutely love. After a stroll on the shopping street we had greasy pizza for lunch and then Chris and I went for a nap.
When we were smoking a cigarette after dinner, we were amazed by a HUGE moon, that seemed to be moving really fast - apocalypse seemed a real option and I realized that for the first time in years I have unfinished business. It's a strange feeling. Too strange to last.

When we understood that the world was to live another day, we went out for some gay pubs with Chris and me ending up in Bennet's which had danceable music but was obscurely empty. Britons don't go out on Sunday night it seems.
The Glaswegian accent is terrible! Though people at the club talked to us, we hardly understood anything, because the language was so distorted. So we just smiled and nodded. Which got us through the night somehow.

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