Interrail Venice - Rome - Zuerich - Vienna 14.3. - 23.3.2013 || Day one

And so it begins. The next stop of the train is Munich and only a little bit of snow can be seen on the fields outside now after having left sparkling white Leipzig behind. I am looking forwards to going further south and experince tempertures above zero degrees!!
Also I am making my way through "The Lord of the Rings" and I am quite certain I will cover a few hundred pages today, for it is still more than six hours 'til I arrive in Venice.
Overall, this trip does feel like an adventure, like a quest even, though I am not sure of its purpose.

14/3/2013 [might I add that I discovered this purpose later on? I did.]

We've just passed through Verona. I've been travelling merel a few hours and already I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people. A baseball player from Miami who is staying in Frankfurt at the moment, a Swiss lady who spent 40 years of her life in Peru and was great company as we crossed the German border and discussed Tyrol's charm. These two have already left the train, but much to my delight the Wlshman who has been telling his life story and giving a short cultural history of the British Isles will get off only in Venice, so I can listen to him some more.
As we were passing through Austria I realized that I do miss it in a way that has little to do with the love that I associate with it. Because while it may never have been home, it certainly was a surprisingly welcoming place.

Now it seems I have to choose a hostel and hope to get a bed there.


Found a hostel! And it didn't even take me that long! I'm sharing my room with two Australians who just finished high school and they seem nice enough :).


Alright. Venice definitely is the perfect place for wandering around without a map, just drifting through the city and getting lost. I've been to the city for 1,5h to get some fresh air after the long train ride and I enjoyed it tremendously - the bridges, narrow streets, the water, the surprising lack of tourists (according to Aidan and what's-his-name? that might be due to the time of day as they told me the city was flooded with Americans). Venice would be a great place for a treasure hunt: left, left, second right, cross bridge, third right, when you reach the Kebab you've gone too far... something like that ;)

I'm quite tired and decided to call in early with plans to get up early as well. So now I am sitting on my bed and noticing something for the first time since I checked in: The hostel sways! Surely, this is no place for people who get seasick easily! I think it is amplified because we are on the topgloor, but still to someone who expects houses to be standing firmly it can be quite disconcerting...


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