Day 5 - 7 Rome-Zurich

Rest of Rome: Fortunately, the sun came out later that Monday afternoon and so I could stroll through the city a bit before spending another day sitting in a train. At the hostel bar I met two girls from Germany, Norina and Anika, and while they waited for their train that night we had a good time paying dice games and sharing travel stories.

The journey to Zurich was marvelous! All the mountains and the lakes and the cerulent sky along with the expectation of seeing Laura had me all excited and cheerful.
Apart from being outrageously expensive, Zurich is also nice to look at, especially from Uetliberg which we ascended right after my arrival so I could get at least some exercise XD. Then we went home to Laura and had delicious Indian food and watched a Swiss movie (Nachtlärm) before going to bed. [You never know how tiring sitting around all day can be! :-D ]

On Wednesday, we had to get up early to meet up with some of Laura's friends at the swimming pool. And after swimming for one hour we felt as if we could go right back to bed. But we didn't, of course! Rather we dropped off our swimming stuff at Laura's and went down to the lake for a cruise. Alas, when we arrived we realized that there was no morning cruise, so we decided to go see the museum (Chagall) first and make a cruise after lunch. Thanks to Laura being friends with someone who works at the museum, we got into the exhibition for free and could spend the money we saved there on the legendary vegetarian buffet (the cheesecake!).
Then finally it was time for the 1,5h cruise on Lake Zurich where we played card games and observed other passengers as well as the cityscape. And because my stay in Zurich was so shot we weren't done with sightseeing just then - Laura led me on a small tour through the city, pointing out this and that, making sure I had the full Zurich experience. When 5 o'clock drew near, I was totally exhausted and we rested at Laura's place for an hour before we had dinner.
Later that night we went out to a pub were we tried to figure out the rules for cricket (which was on TV that evening), but even after watching for almost two hours we had made only little progress.

Now, I'm on a train again to Austria.


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