Day 3 - Rome

The first day in Rome is coming to its end. And the blue sky did indeed follow me from Venice! I've been mostly floating around in the city with an extended visit to the Marathon Village around noon. The way from the metro station to Piazza J. F. Kennedy alone was already exhilarating for I just needed to look out for running shoes: All bright coloured and fast-looking they streamed to the marathon registration. I registered for the Fun Run and then took a tour through all the booths of runnin events and attire, tried on the most gorgeous running shoes that I couldn't afford (see below) and after a while I made my way back to the city again. I sat for quite some time at the Circus Maximus reading and watching tourists and runners, before I started a spiralling quest through the streets which has my feet humming now.
I am really tired, even though I'd originally planned to go out for a beer tonight... but I will leave that for tomorrow it seems. I'm really looking forward to the run and shall get up quite early so I can get in a few kilometres before it starts.


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