Day two

Either one gets used to swaying houses quickly or it wasn't as bad this morning anymore. I've checked out at 9 and left my luggage in the hostel before making my way to the supermarket and then setting course for Piazza San Marco. It is 10 o'clock now and it seems I've taken quite a detour but am close to it now. Anyway, the Italiand aren't big on benches so I decided to take a break on the campo San Stefano and maybe read a little bit. After all, I still have 5 hours in Venice.
The weather today is splendid - all blue sky and sun and a gentle breeze.


Well, maybe walking across San Marco once would have been enough... alas, now I have damp socks and shoes. Still, I had a lovely day in Venice, although I couldn't get hold of any stamps and thus I shall send the postcards I bought from Rome. I am quite amazed how smoothly my stay in Venice went, considerin that I hadn't planned ahead a lot. Now I am on the train to Rome hoping the blue sky will come with me.


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