Day 3 Bath, Brighton, London and up north

This morning after packing our stuff, Laura and I went to the Abbey which is a beautiful limestone building with great windows and staff that is a little over-enthusiastic about the multilingual brochures. Another remarkable thing about Bath is the great diversity of street musicians: today there was a woman singing Italian opera in front of the Roman Baths. And although “Nessun Dorma”is not really a morning song, it fitted the setting perfectly. After the Abbey Laura and I went looking for an internet café because the connection in the hostel was so crappy. Laura had to check te address of her hostel and print some ticket confirmation and I checked facebook and the various blogs. On the continent things aren’t as bright and shiny as here it seems…
I’m on the train to Brighton now and will probably spend tonight on a train to Aberdeen.

Brighton is love! Due to some train problems I have only a few hours in Brighton, but its bright blue sky and the shiny, happy people there conquer my heart immediately. The beautiful architecture, the bohemian aura and the indie music even in the supermarkets convinces me. This is a place to fall in love with and this rush of euphoria saves me for today. May things on the continent be as the are – Brighton is love.

Now, now! I boarded the train in Brighton at 1849 and my train from London to Aberdeen should go at 2115 – plenty of time it seems, but little did I know that it virtually takes ages to get from London Victoria Station to London Euston! I was close to hysteria in the London Overground, then ran from one platform to another – now it’s 2132 and we’re still in Euston. But I found my seat – comfy – and had the dinner I bought in Brighton, tasting of sapphire skies. I am looking forward to this night on the train. Another adventure.

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