Born to travel - last weeks in the UK

I've been planning for a while now to spend my last weeks in the UK travelling. Most of the Erasmus-pe0ple have already left Bangor or will do so within the next week.
While I planned to walk the Cambrian Way from Llandovery to Cardiff, the train connection between Bangor and Llandovery goes via Newport, which is virtually next to Cardiff - so I will probably walk from Cardiff to Llandovery and will visit some other places beforehand. My ex tempore journey plan is as follows:

Cardiff - Machen
Machen - Pontypool
Pontypool - Abergavenny
Abergavenny - Capel-y-ffin
Capel-y-ffin - Crickhowell
Crickhowell - Storey Arms
Storey Arms - Llandovery

I have to be back in Bangor by the 19th(evening) or 20th(morning) so I can still wash and pack my clothes before leave for London, where my train goes. That leaves the 8th or the 9th as a possible start date for the trip.

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